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| dancedigital-Call for Papers |

The special issue on Embodiment, Interactivity and Digital Performance explores questions, dialogues and themes emerging from the 2014 dancedigital Festival. Becoming more pervasive and diverse, digital dance practices propose new understandings of embodiment in which the practitioner negotiates a complex configuration of individual biological, experiential, social and technological data.

| SummerBlast 2014 |

dancedigital Herts Annual Community Dance Showcase

dancedigital presents a community dance platform that will showcase highlights from our 2014 school and community dance programme. This exciting evening of dance will include performances by the Hertfordshire County Youth, Junior Dance Companies, our Young Creatives -Digital Choreogrpahers, alongside the best of the work from our dance projects in Hertfordshire schools.

| formXtended |

Since March this year dancedigital is researching and developing a software for SEN schools. The endeavour is funded by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts – Nesta, Arts & Humanities Research Council and public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.
Our great team is working together with Columbus School, Chelmsford, Lakeside School, Welwyn Garden City and Oakmere School,Potters Bar. Have a look and meet the team. Or follow us, if you like.

| dancedigital FutureNetwork |

The dancedigital FutureNetwork brings professional dance and technology artists to your school to work with the teachers and young people to explore new ways of learning. The framework offers schools a combination of artist led workshops with young people, mentoring and training sessions for teachers, the opportunity to see professional dance and technology work on stage and engage in the creation of a technology driven dance work that will be showcased in professional environment.

| Things we like |

Google’s mobile-augmented reality game Ingress just ( well, today-14.07.14) launched for iOS devices.
The title’s story centers around The Enlightened and The Resistance, two factions who compete against each other to unlock clues about a mystical technology. Events in the game progress in real-time as Google delivers new clues each week, while players claim local landmarks in the real-world to earn points for their respective team. One might ask if the thing with the augmented reality goes anywhere, but hey ;)